First off - welcome to my blog! This blog has been a long companion of mine, one which I have never fallen out of love with and truly treasure. This is a place where I capture all of my memories and lifestyle ideas. I have been documenting my life on here since 2012, all the way back when I was an undergraduate at university studying Theology! Since then a lot has changed, from buying houses, becoming a primary school teacher, getting engaged and finding out our little family is growing! My blog is a diary of what is going on in my ever-changing life. On 6th November 2018 we welcomed our little girl, Olivia; who is growing so quickly into such a beautiful and happy baby. We are loving family life and I felt that it was absolutely necessary to switch things up around here so I changed my blog from 'And Kate' to 'Kate & Co'. I look forward to sharing all of my journey with you on my online diary. 

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