Tuesday, August 6

The Botanic Gardens

Yesterday I was scrolling through some photographs I took back in May of a day out I had with Olivia and Harry at The Botanic Gardens. I used my dad's Sony DSLR camera to take this photographs and I just absolutely adore the sharpness of the photos.

The Botanic Gardens is a place situated in Churchtown and it is a place where my family would come regularly growing up. I have so many fond memories of this place and it brings me such joy to be able to bring Olivia here with me to experience the magic of this Victorian park. Back when I was a child, I remember always sitting on the same bench with my Nana and Gaga whilst enjoying an ice cream. It is honeslty so surreal to go back to that very bench and sit on it. I hope that this is a place that Olivia remembers fondly when she grows up as I hope to come here more often. In fact, I only ventured here on Sunday and we had a great time walking around early so that we missed all of the crowds. 

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