Thursday, August 15

On My Reading List

For me there is something so fascinating about seeing what other people have been reading and I love nothing better than wandering into Waterstones on Deansgate in Manchester (yes it has to be that exact shop!) so that I can peruse the bookshelves for inspirational reads. I find the activity of reading so satisfying, especially now that I am a mother as life can be hectic and for 100% of the time you are giving yourself to your mini me. But I think it is so important to take out some time, either on a daily basis or a couple of days a week to indulge in a novel; albeit fiction or non fiction. 

The main influences which sway me to purchase a book is; a) the author and if I've read a novel by them before, b) if I've been recommended a book by someone, c) what the reviews say on the amazing app that is Goodreads or finally, d) if the storyline on the blurb captures my interest. A blogger that I do go to very frequently to check out her latest book recommendations is Daisybutter as she seems to have a very similar taste in books as I do. 

Without further adue, let's get down to it. 

Currently I am reading (and have ever-so-nearly finished) Normal People by Sally Rooney. All I can say here is #mindblown. I will definitely be doing a full book review on this and try my very hardest not to give away spoilers in case you haven't read this masterpiece yet. Once I've finished this fantastic novel, I will be working my way through (oh what a chore *said sarcastically*) the following novels...

Conversations With Friends by Sally Rooney

Primarily I am intrigued in reading this novel due to the aforementioned point (a) - I have already/am reading a novel by this very author. Plus, it is something entirely different to my usual genre of book as it concerns relationships between a set of couples who are friends and therefore want to cross the boundaries and explore their relationships.

My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout

Me and this book go back years - literally. I stumbled into my favourite Waterstones only to be confronted with this book positioned right at the front of the shop, stood in all its glory. Back then I read the blurb, thought 'I'll come back to that in a minute' and then quickly became enraptured by other novels' intriguing blurbs. Ever since then I have thought of this book and intended to purchase it. Amazon you flirtatious beggar, you tempted me by suggesting it from a selection of books that I looked at a while ago - very good sales marketing strategy! The only downside is that it is secondhand, and although there is something poetic about purchasing a story that has already lived another life, I have a feeling that I am going to love this book and therefore I would have liked to have had a sparkling copy that could have stood just as proudly as those in Waterstones in 2017 on my bookshelf.

Landline by Rainbow Rowell

Again, you caught me - point (a) had me purchasing this book. Rainbow Rowell has written many stories, including Eleanor & Park which I read back in 2017 when I was in Kefalonia, Greece on holiday. The other day when I was scrolling through my Instagram feed I saw a post by a fellow Instagrammer who had taken a photograph of her bookshelf which included a novel by Rainbow Rowell (I think it was Fan Girl). Anywho, I instantly felt the need to get Landline which I have been meaning to read for agggggeeeesss. Also, the storyline seems so interesting as it is about there being an almost time machine-esque phone that a TV writer can call the past and thereby has the immense pressure on her to choose carefully what wrongs she sets right. Like, just imagine this being a real piece of technology for a second! What would you choose to change? I think this is going to get my philosophical juices flowing. If it is anything like Eleanor & Park, I just know that I won't be able to put it down.

Great Britain by DK Eyewitness Travel

A non-fiction book that has been sitting patiently on my bookshelf. Ever since Ben and I went on our little babymoon holiday in July 2018 to Aberystwyth (I had to consult Google on the accurate spelling), we have said that we want to explore more of the UK. So this was purchased a few months ago and since then we have visited Harrogate, York and found new places to visit in Liverpool which has been so enlightening. I guess all I can say here is: adventure awaits.

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