Thursday, August 8

Exploring Manchester With Olivia

Yesterday was an exciting day for both myself and Olivia as we headed into my favourite city to wander the streets in persuit of taking in the breathtaking architecture that Manchester has to offer.

Something that is clear about Manchester, which is probably also true of any major city, is that it is constantly undergoing renovations to improve the current city skyline. Whichever way you look upwards, you realise that you are surrounded by a plethora of domineering cranes keeping a watchful eye over you as you weave through the busy streets. Even though there is increasing investment in the city (#northernpowerhouse), the sheer depth of Manchester's history is not forgotten. It is obvious that the fabric of Manchester's history is intricate, from the industrial revolution with the first trainline; through to the scholastic presence it has on the worldstage as the redbrick University of Manchester is spread far and wide across the city. 

The same is also true of the people of Manchester and those that choose to visit the city as they are people from many different backgrounds and experiences. I suppose you could argue this of any city, however, Manchester feels unique in it's sense of solidarity when confronted by horrendous events. In fact, whilst writing this I am listening to Ariana Grande, who I feel has been deeply touched by the appreciation Mancunians have for her as a result of her dedication to charitable work since the 22nd May 2017 MEN attack. The way that Manchester came together during such a shocking period has visibly marked its presence and continues to do so as many people proudly show their Manchester Worker Bee tattoos and the I <3 MCR message plastered across the city. What I personally found remarkable from my afternoon spent in the city on a typical Wednesday, was that the majority of people I encountered were friendly and eager to help. I thoroughly enjoyed exploring a city so close to my heart, even if it did pour down with rain.

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