Wednesday, August 7

A New Era | Minimalism

Good morning and firstly thank you for taking the time to visit my little space on the internet that I call home and have done for the past seven years. I have recently gone through a transition in my life, a rather massive lifestyle change and I wanted to not only document it here, on my beloved space; but also to share my journey in the hope of achieving a conversation with yourself about a paradoxically large topic: minimalism.
I have to admit that I have always been the type to be more careful when it comes to purchasing items on-the-spure-of-the-moment. Yes, I do enjoy a spot of shopping every now and again, but I would much prefer to spend my time doing other things, like exploring the great outdoors or spending time with Olivia and Ben. I think it is so important to stress here that just because I am becoming increasingly mindful about my spending habits and adopting a minimalistic approach to my life; I am by no means preventing myself from doing the things I enjoy or buying something every once in a while. I think the main thing with minimalism is that it's message is to invest in those things that make you happy, so for example, if your hobby is reading books, then great, buy the books that you'd love to read, or better yet, support your local library and borrow them. Minimalism is about becoming aware of the force of capitalism and advertisements which are constantly hammering home the message that such a product will make you happier. I mean, we all can think of an advert which pushes this message across, for example, the iPhone adverts. The vision behind Apple's marketing strategy for each iPhone release is that: once you purchase this smartphone, you will live a vibrantly social life. I mean, yes, the interface of an iPhone is great and all, but I don't think that any of my iPhones have ever spontaneously created a busy social calender for me. Anywho, I feel as though we are going off topic here, but I want to be clear that if you are possibly considering becoming more minimalistic in your life, then please do know that it is just about streamlining your life to really enjoy those things that you love and block out all of that background noise.

I do want to continue this conversation throughout the foreseeable future as I believe that minimalism is a journey that is constantly evolving, rather than an end goal to reach. I would love to hear your thoughts on minimalism and how you would or have become more mindful in your own life.

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