Thursday, August 15

On My Reading List

For me there is something so fascinating about seeing what other people have been reading and I love nothing better than wandering into Waterstones on Deansgate in Manchester (yes it has to be that exact shop!) so that I can peruse the bookshelves for inspirational reads. I find the activity of reading so satisfying, especially now that I am a mother as life can be hectic and for 100% of the time you are giving yourself to your mini me. But I think it is so important to take out some time, either on a daily basis or a couple of days a week to indulge in a novel; albeit fiction or non fiction. 

Wednesday, August 14

Dealing With Negative People

This is quite a tricky post to write even though it is something that I think all of us struggle to deal with effectively. First off, it's important to realise that of course we can all have down days and focus on the negatives, however, there seem to be certain people who can't seem to shift their viewpoint from a negative perspective. Overall in my life I am surrounded by incredible individuals who make me laugh, even sometimes cry with laughter and just brighten the energy of the room when they walk into it. Contrastingly, there are a few people who do the complete opposite, and not only that, but once I've spent time with a negative person I come away feel emotionally, mentally and physically drained.

Tuesday, August 13

Weekend Postcards

This weekend was a very chilled one as we spent the day in Manchester – where else would we choose to be in our free time?! We had such a lovely day perusing the Northern Quarter which honestly has to be my favourite part of the city. I have to say, however, we were very good indeed and had our lunch before we left so we didn’t end up eating out for lunch. Our hunger did get the better of us later on in the day as we caved and bought a pizza each from Papa John’s. I just love going to the Northern Quarter on a Sunday as they have a market on where we tried cinnamon and clementine infused rum. Anyway, enough of me gibbering on, enjoy the photos! All of these have been left unedited as I love the effect my new Nikon D5600has when taking these photographs.

Monday, August 12

Documenting My Life On YouTube

Good morning, I really do hope that you had a relaxing and enjoyable weekend in order to recharge those metaphorical batteries for a brand spanking new week. This week is extremely significant for myself, as I have finally taken the leap and started vlogging my life on a daily basis. For years I have been following the lives of fellow (more well-known) YouTubers who I feel as though I know on a personal level but yet have never physically met them. It’s an odd concept isn’t it? You can see into people’s lives and experience life through another person’s perspective. I feel that is one of the main reasons as to why I absolutely love YouTube, it gives you a whole new perspective on the life that you lead as you watch another’s unravel. Another reason as to why I have decided to start my own YouTube channel where I vlog during the week on a daily basis, is because it is such a fantastic visual diary to keep of mine, Ben’s and Olivia’s lives so that one day we can look back on certain instances, almost like jumping into a time machine. 

Friday, August 9

9 Life Lessons From The Last 9 Months

Something feels particularly significant about Olivia hitting the 9 month mark and I can’t seem to put my finger on it. I feel as though it may be due to the fact that it took me 9 months to nourish her before finally meeting her back in November. Or maybe because I am subliminally working in trimesters in her first year and therefore feel as though this is particularly poignant as it’s the start of the last 3 months of her being a baby before the big 1st birthday. It honestly feels so bizarre even contemplating throwing a 1st birthday party (yet I nevertheless have already started a Pinterest board collating ideas). Anyhow, I thought that it would be lovely to sit down and write 9 things that I have learnt about becoming a mother and/or about my little O. 

Thursday, August 8

Exploring Manchester With Olivia

Yesterday was an exciting day for both myself and Olivia as we headed into my favourite city to wander the streets in persuit of taking in the breathtaking architecture that Manchester has to offer.

Wednesday, August 7

A New Era | Minimalism

Good morning and firstly thank you for taking the time to visit my little space on the internet that I call home and have done for the past seven years. I have recently gone through a transition in my life, a rather massive lifestyle change and I wanted to not only document it here, on my beloved space; but also to share my journey in the hope of achieving a conversation with yourself about a paradoxically large topic: minimalism.

Tuesday, August 6

The Botanic Gardens

Yesterday I was scrolling through some photographs I took back in May of a day out I had with Olivia and Harry at The Botanic Gardens. I used my dad's Sony DSLR camera to take this photographs and I just absolutely adore the sharpness of the photos.