Monday, October 1

Weekend Musings

This weekend was a lovely end to September as I've been getting organised in preparation for October, which is set to be a very busy month indeed. 

On Friday we had a very chilled evening where I caught up on sleep after a busy day in Manchester with my Dad and brother's girlfriend, Daniela. I had to return a pile of books to the library as I've completed my Master's dissertation. It feels so bloody good to be saying that! Anyway, Dad thought he'd celebrate the end of my dissertation with a meal out to one of our favourite restaurants. However, we got stuck in a massive traffic jam on the way home which meant we were stuck in the car for an hour; thirsty and hungry. Needless to say, once I had eaten my late lunch, I was absolutely exhausted and so as soon as I got home I slipped my PJ's on and climbed into bed. We then ventured out to buy some pizzas once I had awoken and watched two episodes of Narcos

Saturday was a very busy day indeed as we had an electrician round at our house getting our porch all wired up. I made the longest shopping list known to man (literally, it spanned over two A4 sheets of paper!). I was determined to get more bulk cooking done so that it can be frozen, along with my yearly tradition of making the Christmas cake. The longer time gap you leave between making the cake and Christmas day, the better! This is because on a weekly basis you need to feed the cake with a tablespoon of brandy. It was so odd to be making the Christmas cake this time around, being pregnant, as it gave Christmas a whole new meaning for me. A new burst of excitement. Plus, when I was baking, I was listening to a compilation of my Spotify music and Michael Buble started blasting out 'It's Starting to Look a Lot Like Christmas'. Which I gleefully sang along with! Anyway, I digress, I do have a blog post lined up for you at the end of November on making a Christmas cake so stay tuned becauseI honestly think this one smells and looks like the best one yet!

Sunday continued to be another busy day, I don't think I left the kitchen all day (other than to have one of my million trips to the toilet as my bladder is so squished - TMI?). Anyhow, I was in full on Delia Smith mode, cooking, baking and boiling the kettle for teas; it was a hectic day. By the end of it, it was so good to sit down and rest my lower back. Also, Ben and I wrote my Birth Proposal in my midwife notes so that we're all prepared. This Friday we are planning on fitting the ISOFIX base in my car, along with building the cot and putting it in our bedroom. Eeeeek! How exciting!!

So, here we are, in October. Gosh, how quickly September passed us by, I can't seem to get 'Wake Me Up When September Ends' out of my head as I read this. Happy Monday & pinch, punch, it's the first day of the month :) 

Plus, today marks one month exactly until my due date!

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