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Pregnancy Update | Less Than 1 Month

Monday marked the start of the 1 month countdown to my due date! I mean, how crazy is that? It honestly feels like yesterday that I was having the Gender Reveal Party and here we are, in October! I am beyond excited for her arrival. I have to admit though, I feel really positive about the imminent birth, however, I think it's only natural to be worried as well because you really are entering the unknown with labour. But I've been trying to maintain positive with my hypnobirthing techniques and reinforcing the fact that I can do this and I will! 

Anyway, like I said in Monday's post, September really did fly past and as I sit here writing this morning, I can't help but think about how quickly October will fly by. Not that I'm wishing my life away, something my mum always warned me against, but I just can't wait now to meet her, hold her in my arms and soothe her. When I was reorganising my blog on Friday morning, I was arranging the different categories for various posts dating back to 2012 and I came across MMXVIII from January this year. The last line states: I am excited for the road ahead, bring it on MMXVIII! My goodness, I had no idea how much mine and Ben's (and the rest of our families') lives would change for the better. 

Looking back over my whole pregnancy so far, I am so blessed with her steady and healthy growth. I have her 20 week scan picture burned into my memory as that is the last time Ben and I saw her on a scan, 16 weeks ago! That's such a long time and I can't wait to physically see her features, hold her little hands and tickle her miniature toes. So, what other reflections do I have so far?

The bump is getting bigger and bigger by the day, or at least that's how it feels! I am really carrying around a heavy load now. I read up in my trusty pregnancy book, 'How To Grow a Baby & Push It Out' that the total weight of my baby, placenta, amniotic fluid (etc) is 25lb to 35lb. That's a lot of weight constantly on my lower back, and my goodness isn't it feeling it! I find the best way to ease the aches and pains is to lean forward on the kitchen island at a 90 degree angle. It seems to feel so much better to straighten my back out. There have been, I have to admit, a few times I've forgotten how big I actually am and have tried to squeeze through gaps which I would usually fit through. It's such a strange feeling :)

From my last antenatal appointment, I was told that she is still head down, in the optimum position. I have been feeling sharp pains around where my mucus plug is (sorry TMI) and the midwife said that my little girl is getting ready to come out. How crazy is that?! It literally blows my mind how this little human has developed from 46 chromosomes in the space of 9 months and knows how to position herself and engage with the top of the cervix. Amazing, utterly amazing. 

Movements are regular, she loves to get busy in the morning, around 8am, then in the afternoon around 1:30pm, again at 5pm and then around 8pm. These spells of movements last anywhere between 1 hour and 2 hours. Although, I have to say, it doesn't feel like she has much room left in there!

Sleep has become very difficult, for the past few nights I have found myself climbing out of bed around 5am and sleeping upright on the sofa downstairs. I wake up every morning in bed with the most agonising pain in my left hip, as I am only sleeping on this side as it's better for circulation. 

Hmmm, now this is a hard one. When it comes to cravings I haven't really been specifically wanting anything in particular. Rather, I just find myself opting for the healthier options. However, when I do have low blood sugar levels I will occasionally indulge in a Double Decker chocolate bar. 

The nursery is all ready, her wardrobe is beautifully laid out. She literally has the cutest clothes! As for furniture, the cot is being assembled this Friday by myself and Ben which is super exciting. We are going to have the cot in our bedroom for the first six months. So although the nursery is full of her things, such as the baby bath, pram, car seat and other bits & bobs, she won't really use it until she's 6 months old. 

Hospital Bag
All packed! I did this a few weeks ago now. It feels so good to be prepared :)

I've been finding myself tidying up what I can and not only that, but I've really immersed myself in doing bulk cooking and freezing in preparation for her arrival. I think it will just be so much easier to pop a delicious homemade meal in the oven when I am going to be so tired in those first few weeks. 

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