Monday, September 24

Weekend Musings

This weekend I felt as though I was a real social butterfly as I spent a lot of my time catching up with friends and family which was so lovely. I really enjoyed taking some time for myself, away from writing my Master's dissertation. However, I have to admit, I am really enjoying the whole process of this thesis and can see myself wanting to pursue researching once I have completed this Master's. I think that something I would find particularly interesting is going through the Philosophy route and writing a thesis on some of the most philosophically challenging issues: the problem of evil or the existence of God. 

Anyway, back to what I did this weekend. Let's begin, shall we?!

On Friday evening I went to the cinema, which is something that I haven't done in a seriously long time. It must be due to the fact that Ben and I have Netflix, so we don't feel as though it's necessary to pay to see a movie when there are so many readily available online. But I have to say, I had such a great time! Me and my friend Fozia jumped in my car, chatted all the way there and then watched the film: A Simple Favour. The only way I can describe it is that it is very similar to Gone Girl but it has a few comical parts of dark humour. If you follow me on Instagram, you will see from my stories that we initially had the cinema to ourselves but eventually a few others did filter through but it was very quiet, considering the film had only been released on Thursday!

On Saturday I had a dissertation telephone meeting with my supervisor booked in first thing. It was so good to clarify any questions I had and receive feedback for what I have done thus far. However, my phone seemed to find it amusing to choose to weaken the signal whenever my dissertation supervisor was giving an important piece of advice. It must be sod's law! Afterwards, I worked on my dissertation before getting dolled up (i.e. clean and respectable looking) and went to my cousin's for lunch. She really does make a delicious lunch and we chatted for hours which felt so good as she has been away for a week in Menorca with her family. Straight after I hopped over to my Dad's house, where me and my brother went for a very short walk (I really can't do anything too intensive anymore) and we picked concurs. As the sun set, it was time for me to return home before then heading out again for a dinner party at Ben's parents house. I can well and truly say that by the time midnight rolled round, I was knackered!

Sunday saw me work endlessly on my Master's, editing and improving chapters, proofreading again and again, planning my next chapters - you name it. My aim is to have my thesis submitted within the next two weeks so that I can relax about it being completed before our little girl arrives. I can't imagine having a newborn and having to finish writing my empirical research in between breastfeeding, resting, changing nappies, cuddles and the general exhaustion that comes with the whole shebang! I really do love to ramble, don't I? Anyway, I've had a super duper weekend and cannot believe it is a matter of 5 weeks until the arrival of our little girl. Weekend Musings really will be so different come November!

Hope you've had an excellent weekend and have a great start to your week!

(Fun fact: it's officially 2 months today until my 25th birthday!)

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