Monday, September 10

Weekend Musings

This weekend has been especially relaxing as I've taken things much slower, ensuring that I'm not pushing myself to do too many tasks around the house (as told to do so by my midwife). Instead I've been busy getting something very, very exciting prepared and have enjoyed every single minute of it. This blog post may therefore seem quite cryptic as I don't want to reveal what exactly it is that I've been busy doing...

Needless to say, Friday I can talk about as I had an exciting trip to the Trafford Centre with my dad for the day. I wasn't called into do any supply teaching and so I thought why not have a fabulous wonder round my favourite shopping mall. Of course we went into every single baby shop, I bought Baby Moen a dress and some more vest bodysuits for her to wear underneath a long sleeved sleep suit. We had a naughty McDonalds which really hit the spot for me, somethings there really is nothing better than a BigMac!

Saturday and Sunday saw me doing my exciting task which I cannot talk about yet on here as I don't want to be giving anything away. I will reveal all in a few weeks' time. 

Ben, his dad and his brother were busy working away on building our porch. I have been taking photos of the progress so I will be sure to do a blog post all about it when it is complete. The aim is to have the porch done before our baby girl arrives so that we can finally have the staircase and landing carpeted (something which I am a little too excited about).

While the boys were busy working, I nipped out on Saturday for a catch up with one of my best friends, Fozia. It was honestly so nice to get out of the house and chat over a (decaf) coffee. Fozia has been away in Portugal/Spain for just over a month with her family and so we had a lot to chat about!

Now that it's Monday I am looking forward to, but anxious, about my consultant appointment today about whether or not I am to have a caesarian section or natural birth. To give you a quick low-down on the situation, I have always struggled with my right hip and therefore my hip consultants have informed the consultant overseeing my antenatal appointments as to what route I need to go down with regards to having our little girl. I will give you an update about this also (ASAP!).

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