Monday, September 3

Weekend Musings

September is here! (& what a weekend it has been)...

Friday was absolutely exhausting for me, I find myself in the third trimester needing 1 - 2 naps per day. I went out with my dad (if you follow me on Instagram you will know) and we had a beautiful day at Samlesbury Hall. We had a wonder around the picturesque grounds and incredible Tudor house. Dad told me of all the haunted stories there are to do with this place which spooked me as I don't do well with scary stories (not even at 24!). We then headed to their restaurant for a two course lunch which was delicious. Once I got home I was shattered, having missed out on my usual midday nap, I lost all energy and climbed into bed until late in the evening.

Saturday rolled on by leaving me feeling rejuvenated after a long rest. Also, Saturday marked 2 months until my due date which is beyond exciting. Ben and his dad started work on our porch which is really exciting. The plan is to have the porch completely done in the next two/three weeks so that we can then have the carpet fitted up the stairs, as well as having our electrics and plumbing finished just in time for the arrival of Baby Moen on 1st November. I felt rather hungry for something sweet and so I made homemade millionaire shortbread, which was scrumptious, however, not the neatest of creations. I will be sure to do a post about this recipe, but I want to re-do the pictures. Plus - it gives me the perfect excuse to make more millionaire shortbread - right?! Also on Saturday, I went for a swim with my brother at our leisure club which was so relaxing and comfortable for le bump. Saturday night was a Netflix marathon night as we watched 4 episodes of Narcos - if you haven't already, you need to give this a go!

Sunday was a tidying up day, I cleaned all of the rooms and mopped the floors. I also had a lovely nap and caught up on YouTube videos. I also spent some of my afternoon researching cameras as I want to invest in something a little bit different... 

Overall it was a pretty chilled out weekend for me, but now it's only 8 weeks left until my due date, I think I should be letting my body slow down a bit!

Happy Monday, I hope it isn't raining where you are like it is here!

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