Friday, September 14

Thoughts On Instagram

IG. The Gram. Insta. Instagram. 

What is the obsession we all have with Instagram? For me personally, it is the ability to share what I've been up to with my family, friends and readers. I don't use Facebook or Twitter and so Instagram is my little photographic journal on the internet (along with my blog of course). Another aspect of Instagram that I really love is being able to follow people from all different genres of interest and to feel inspired by what they've done. 

However, I do understand that there is a problem, which has come to light as of late with Instagram in general, that it is a place where people put on a facade by showing only the bits they want you to see. And, you may ask, quite rightly so, is there a problem with that? Surely there are aspects of each of our lives that we don't want to share on the internet. Yet, the facade I am talking about is the idea that you have to have the perfect brows or you need to own a designer bag/expensive car to be able to be viable on Instagram. We see this all the time, perfectly curated content on Instagram pages that, to be honest with you, don't inspire me, rather these accounts are flaunting a lifestyle that is unattainable. Alternatively, you could argue that this is the good thing about Instagram, as we are all able to see life through other people's perspectives, and yes, while this is a valid point; where is the line between showing your authentic life for who you really are and displaying a fake life just to get followers/likes/endorsements?

I have to say, I am a sucker for a beautifully curated Instagram account, where there is a colour scheme in place and just scrolling through the account feeds your eyes with pleasantries. I also understand that Instagram is a place to express yourself, and therefore, if you want to create a certain type of content - go for it! It's a real art to pick out certain details that interlace your overall Instagram theme together. 

But I guess what I'm saying here is: is what you're posting a way of you expressing yourself authentically, or is it just a means to getting more popularity? 

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