Friday, September 28

The Lowdown: What I'm Loving

I can't believe I'm already writing another post from this new series! Where does time go?! This month has been a whirlwind, from doing the odd bit of work teaching here and there, to finishing my Master's dissertation; as well as getting ready for the arrival of our baby girl(!) I can't believe how fast time has passed us by. Needless to say, I am so, so excited for what October has to offer, and of course, with each day that passes by, Ben and I are edging closer to finally getting to meet our little bundle of love. So, you may ask, what are the things that have really captured my attention and inspired me this month? Well...

In September Ben and I really got our teeth back into Friends. It's such an amazing series, I think it is my favourite, so much so that I have actually lost track of how many times I have watched it all the way through. I'm sure I'm not alone in saying that! My favourite season has to be Season 4 for sure (see what I did there?) Oh and if you're wondering, my favourite characters are Rachel and Ross. I am obsessed with Rachel's style and I love Ross' sense of humour. Every time I am so gutted that Ross and Rachel broke up. And with regards to 'the break' they were on, I think that Ross was definitely in the wrong! #teamrachel

I have also been rekindling my love for Sex and The City. I think that every time Autumn rolls on by, I dust off the Sex and The City box set and watch on repeat. Again, the storylines and outfits are just too good! I wonder whether Carrie's character would have a different job if it was set nowadays, would she be a blogger rather than a newspaper columnist? 

And finally, I have discovered a YouTuber that I am literally obsessed with! I know, I know, there are so many YouTubers out there that it is so hard to find ones that produce the content that you love. But HelloKaty, a New York based vlogger delivers fascinating content and she is so relatable. If you are anything like me, and obviously have a love affair for all things New York, then please check out her YouTube channel!

I have to be honest with you, this month's reading content is not focused solely on novels. Rather, I have been enjoying taking the time to read my blog posts from my old favourites (such as Love Taza), as well as discovering new favourites (such as Daisy Butter). There is sometimes nothing better than sitting down with a cup of hot tea and flicking through Bloglovin', opening all of the blog articles in separate tabs to have a good peruse through. 

Even before I found out I was expecting, I have always loved Taza's blog as it's so colourful, inspiring and fun. The way that she writes about her daily family life experiences, through to the amazing holidays her family go on, I am so inspired by her work. I mean, this woman has 5 children - 5 children! Only back in May she gave birth to her twin girls, Beatrice and Madalena, who are seriously the cutest two peas in a pod.

As for Daisy Butter, I came across her blog from another one of my favourites (From Roses) and instantly felt inspired by her photography and how relatable she was in her writing. I mean, even the way she has structured the layout of her blog, I am obsessed! If you are pushed for time, I would definitely recommend a good read of her latest Sundaze article.

And now for the final part of this series, what I've loved listening to this September...

I have two favourite things that I have really taken the time to listen to this past month, one of them being jazz music and the other being the podcast series; Letters From A Hopeful Creative. Now, jazz music may seem a tad random to insert into this section, but I have literally been obsessed with putting on a Spotify Playlist when I've been cooking or cleaning. I just find listening to the rhythm of the music so awe inspiring and therapeutic. I do still enjoy listening to my favourite songs, but I hate overplaying them and sometimes I prefer music without lyrics and therefore a singer. 

Letters From A Hopeful Creative was recommended by another blogger, and ever since I started listening to Orla and Jen back at the start of September, I have loved every single episode! Again, this is something I listen to whilst cleaning, cooking, or even washing my hair when I have a longer amount of time in the shower. I think that their conversations are so relevant for anyone who has a creative mind and wants to pursue their dreams with that passion, whether it be blogging, photography, vlogging, drawing, writing etc. Plus, their podcast is perfect if you are commuting to work, either by train, car or bus as you can listen to them offline. 

* * *

And so, if you have anything that you've loved watching, reading or listening to this month; please do share below! I am always so excited to find new things to indulge in :)

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