Friday, September 7

Interior Edit | Study Mood Board

As our home is coming towards the end of its renovation journey, after 3 long years, I am now able to start planning and decorating new rooms in the house. This has to be my favourite part of a renovation! 

So, as our temporary office, which was located in the spare bedroom, has now turned into a nursery; I need to start planning for a space where my MacBook and iMac can call home…

I absolutely love Pinterest and I have to say, I think I may be a tad obsessed with it! Needless to say, I have curated my very own mood board of office inspiration. (I actually have two office pin boards - but who’s counting?)

Firstly, I love the idea of have a playful desk area, with memories pinned up onto a garland, in a beautifully retro polaroid style. I also love the idea of the shelves for storage purposes. I will be up-cycling my desk which doesn’t have much storage in it so I need to be creative with how I store all of my files and bric-brac. Aldi used to sell some gorgeous stationary ware but I’m sure that I’ll find some minimalistic-looking boxes to organise my crap.
While speaking of organisation, I want to invest in some rather ornate accessories to accompany the reams of organised paper and files. I absolutely love the idea of buying items with gold detailing, whilst also maintaining a practical, yet minimalistic look. I need to search far and wide for the letter holder - I love this exact one!

Of course I need a home for my trusty Epson printer and when I came across this picture of a bar cart-come-printing-station I fell in love. It’s practical (yes that word is a prominent member of my vocab) and it’s also effortlessly cool looking. Who knew a printing station could be so attractive?
Ultimately I want my office to be a space where I feel relaxed and comfortable. I mean, there’s nothing worse than feeling uninspired and particularly crampy in a crappy office chair when you’re trying to get some serious work done. I already have an office chair from Ikea, however, as with many Ikea products, they quickly break or become faulty and so I want to invest in a better office chair, similar to the style above. I noticed that when I am working I arch my back and so I want to realign my posture in a comfy, yet stylish chair (that can swirl around when I want to have a twirl or two).

There is something serene about having plants in the house, they purify the air around you and also seem to have a calming influence on the atmosphere of a room. Although faux plants are far easier to maintain, there’s nothing better than potting real plants and watching them bloom. I love the botanical feel of having succulents and large green plants in a room and so I will be searching far and wide for local businesses that stock said plants. When Ben and I were in Aberystwyth, there was an incredible indoor plant shop called No 21. However, I think it is a touch too far to venture to in order to buy a few plants!

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