Monday, August 20

Weekend Musings

This weekend was intended, according to our To Do list, to be productive. Ben and I had our ambitions set on a busy Friday night, painting our new living room and treating ourselves to take out pizza for our hard efforts. In reality, as soon as Ben got back from work, we had a nap and Ben continued to sleep until 9pm! So, by the time he woke up, it was too late to start painting and so we just had a quick tea and then went back to bed. 

I had a lovely start to Saturday morning as I made Ben’s breakfast before heading over to my best friend/cousin’s house for breakfast. She treated me to homemade oat pancakes accompanied by an array of delicious fresh fruits. We had a great catch up and she was heading out that afternoon to pick up her new dog, a flint-coloured pug, to accompany Gwen the Welsh Terrier. When I got home I got into painting clothes and cracked on with my painting duties. 

On Sunday morning we were woken up by the sound of heavy rain outside. What a difference it makes to be woken up naturally rather than an alarm going off. We decided to head out for a walk around a local bird sanctuary which is protected from the rain due to the canopy of towering trees. As soon as we got home, we flicked the TV on and I made us pancakes (I know, I think I am obsessed with pancakes!) I felt overwhelmingly tired and achy after eating our brunch so I ended up resting for the rest of the day. Ben, however, plugged ahead with the house renovations and I’m really looking forward to showing you the pictures of what the house is looking like! 

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