Monday, August 13

Weekend Musings

Over the weekend Ben and I continued to crack on with working on our house. Last weekend Ben started the wood panelling in the hallway. I finally finished off painting and varnishing the kitchen shelves and doors. The reason I say finally is because it has literally taken me such a long time to do. As Ben handmade the kitchen, I wanted to ensure that I did my very best with the painting side of it so that it looks flawless. 

On Friday night, Ben was outside the front of the house raking out the old mortar between the bricks as his dad was repointing the house on Saturday. Once this is done, then we will be having our porch built, something which again Ben's dad will be doing as he's a bricklayer (very handy indeed!). The aim is to have the porch done before our baby girl arrives so that all of the dusty jobs are completed and we can then get our staircase carpeted. 

Saturday was very busy for Ben as he continued working on the woodwork side of things: skirting, architrave, panelling, picture rails - you name it. I, on the other hand, was busy painting, as well as cooking up our lunch and keeping us hydrated with cups of teas. I also popped out for a few hours with my brother's girlfriend to view a flat which she amazingly got her offer accepted on! It was such an exciting feeling knowing that she is investing in her first property. For tea I made steak pie, a firm favourite of Ben's and we chatted for hours at the dining table which is always good. I love it when we have our chats, discuss our baby girl and home ideas.

Sunday started off the way it always does in our home, with homemade pancakes! We absolutely love indulging in pancakes on a Sunday morning and whilst I am making them I always watch the new Michalaks video. If you haven't ever watched any of their weekly videos, you really need to make your way over to their YouTube channel. After pancakes, we got ready for the day, continued with our work on the house. Harry had a long walk along the fields to blow off the cobwebs and later in the evening we intended to go for a swim at our leisure centre but we both were exhausted after such a busy weekend. Instead, we watched an episode of 'Extraordinary Homes' on Netflix. I absolutely love being inspired by the incredible architects on that show.

This week sees a continuation of plugging ahead with the house, we even have a two-week long to do list sorted so that we know exactly what we're doing each night. Time really is of the essence now as it's only 11 weeks and 3 days until our baby girl is set to arrive!

Wishing you a happy Monday and hoping that you had a lovely weekend!

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