Friday, August 31

The Lowdown: What I'm Loving

I thought that I'd do a brief introduction to this new series I wish to do on the last Friday of every month: What I'm Loving. Here I will be sharing what I've enjoyed watching, reading and listening to for the past month. I would love to hear what you've been absolutely obsessed with this past month so do leave a comment below!

Ever since I and Ben watched Breaking Bad all the way back in 2013, I have been absolutely loving Better Call Saul. Netflix have really come through with this series as it's highly addictive, especially the fact that an episode from Season 4 is drip-fed every Tuesday, leaving me in suspense and complete anticipation about what will happen next! There are parts, I have to admit, that are a little gruesome for my liking, but overall, I give it a thumbs up for the story line, portrayal of characters and the videography. Gilligan makes an ordinary American town look so intriguing and I suppose this artistry is what really attracts me to the series. It is obvious that each shot, however long, is thoroughly thought out and the scenes/props are planned to the finest detail. If you haven't watched Better Call Saul, then please do find the time as I'm sure you won't be disappointed. The only thing I would suggest, is that you watch Breaking Bad prior to this series as then you will understand Saul's importance.
The summer holiday is such a fantastic time to really kick back with a book and relax. I especially love reading a book that is intriguing, one which has been written from the perspective of different characters. This summer I read just the book: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell. The fictional novel follows the love story of two socially-awkward teenagers in America. Through reading it I was reminded of all of my insecurities and thoughts back when Ben and I were dating in high school. It made me laugh and cry. I really did feel as though I knew the characters and could completely empathise with aspects of their relationship. Rainbow Rowell has written a few other highly acclaimed books and I will be sure to add these to my Waterstones Wish List! 
The listening category has to go to the Happy Mum, Happy Baby podcast. Giovanna Fletcher has an incredible array of guests on her weekly podcast series as they talk all things baby. It is literally perfect for me, and any other expectant mothers for that matter(!), as each episode seems to unfold another aspect of motherhood that I am intrigued by. If I had to choose a favourite guest on the show, it would have to be Clemmie Hooper. Clemmie is an incredible author and midwife who has written the book, How to Grow a Baby ...& Push it Out. 

Please do leave a comment of anything that's really tickled your fancy this August!

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