Wednesday, August 15

Pregnancy Update | Third Trimester

This week marks a real milestone in my pregnancy, I am well and truly in the third trimester! So I thought it was only right to do an update on the second trimester.

Kicking & Getting Active

The very first kick I felt was on Friday 29th June. Ben and I were chilling in the garden after a busy day at work, chatting away, when all of a sudden I started to feel movements. Not only that, I could physically see her kicks as my tummy moved in accordance with her kicks. Ben quickly rushed over to feel for a kick and it was magical. Ever since then I have felt her moving around, she really is keeping herself busy in there! Interestingly, she has started waking me up in the morning with her movements, on Friday 6th, I woke up at 4am, then Saturday it was a 7am start and Sunday she decided that the wake up call would be at 6am. It's such a wonderful feeling to know that she is moving inside, stretching her limbs and hiccuping away. She's even responding to me rubbing my belly and seems to have a little boogie in there as I interact with her. It's such a wonderful feeling, it just makes me ever-more excited to meet her in the next 3 months!

Le Bump 

My bump has been steadily growing throughout the second trimester, but I have to say, it really seems to have ballooned out in the past 2 - 3 weeks! It's such a wonderful feeling to see my growing belly as my little bundle of love is tucked up inside growing and getting ready for the big day! I have had to invest in more loose fitting clothes and delve into the 'Maternity' section in shops to accommodate my blossoming bump. So far I have very few stretch marks, if anything, my stomach goes through periods of itchiness which I've been assured is absolutely normal as the skin stretches. I have started doing swimming to alleviate the pressure on my lower back and shoulders. It's such a wonderful feeling getting into the pool, feeling the weight lifting and any pressure disappearing. 

Braxton Hicks

During my 28th week of pregnancy I experienced over a period of 12 hours Braxton Hicks. Due to my hypnobirthing techniques, which I will speak about below, I coped really well with the surges that were taking place. I called triage when the surges started around 11pm and they informed me to call back in an hour if they were still there and take some paracetamol. I think it's worth saying that in my pregnancy thus far I haven't taken any form of pain relief medication as I don't really find that it's beneficial compared to breathing my way through the pain. I understand, this is within reason, but I knew that I could cope with the surges by relaxing. I actually ended up falling asleep I was that focused on my deep breathing! I then woke again at 2:30am and again at 7am. I was able to get through to triage at 7am and was told to come into hospital. Ben and I ventured into hospital and were seen to be the loveliest midwife who assured us we were in the best place and monitored both baby's heartbeat and my surges for a period of 40 minutes. As all seemed absolutely fine and dandy, a very attentive doctor arrived to check me and explained that it was Braxton Hicks as my body is now preparing for the eventual labour.


Way back in my first trimester when I had my first antenatal appointment at week 9, Ben and I were told about the different antenatal classes on available to us. After some research into hypnobirthing, we jumped at the chance to book ourselves onto this 4 week course. Oh my goodness, what a difference it has made! You are taught different ways of breathing for the different stages of labour, e.g. up-breathing for the first stage and down-breathing for the second stage. In addition, you are supplied with a variety of scripts that your birthing partner reads to you in the lead up to the delivery date as you practise your up-breathing. These scripts send you into a deep relaxation and enable you to focus your mind and breathing. What I have to say that I found extremely useful in this antenatal course was that the three midwives went into detail about what your body is doing in labour, what the various types of induction are, how Caesarean section works and the different birthing positions you can take. Just knowing the physiological side of the labour has helped me to rationalise what is taking place and why. I honestly couldn't recommend this antenatal course enough!

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