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Gardening | Researching Plants

One of the main things that I will always do before I invest in any type of plant is to do thorough research. 

What to look for:

Full sun/partial shade/full shade
This is absolutely key to whether your plant will survive and thrive or not. It may - to some - seem like a given, but honestly, it is so easy to walk into a garden centre, see a beautiful plant, pick it up, take it home and plant it somewhere it will look nice. Yes, of course you want to only buy the plants that you consider to be interesting to look at, but you need to firstly make sure you understand the demands of that particular species of flower/plant. 

Pruning, watering, fertilising and the general maintenance of a plant is absolutely key. There are some plants, for example, a white rose bush or peony plant which may cost anywhere from £20 or above and the last thing you want is to have bought it looking incredible, only to forget about it's specific needs and therefore die. I have personally made this mistake one-too-many-times. You need to make sure you have read up on what exactly this plant will demand of you in order to really make the most of it's beauty. Also, if you live in a climate like England, where there are very drastic changes in the seasons; you need to be aware of what precautions you may need to take for your plants in the winter months. Are they hardy? Do they require wrapping up and keeping insulated against frost?

Have you ever walked past a beautifully presented front garden where all of the plants are harmoniously sitting proudly near one another and have wondered how the gardener ensures they look aesthetically pleasing, even years down the line? I have. Ben and I have two flower boarders at either corner of our garden and have learnt that it is vitally important to understand how wide and tall each plant will grow as they can run the risk of dominating one another. Yes, the boarder may look sparse when you first plant the flowers, but you will be thanking yourself in years to come when the plants have enough space between them to blossom.

As with everything and anything, it always boils down to the price of something. From doing a fair bit of gardening, I have sometimes spent a tad too much on plants without really thinking of the budget. When you have set your sights on an area that needs improving in your garden, really research different shops, even online, where you can find the most competitive price. A lot of these major garden centres have the plants that you need, but at a raised price. So please check online first - even eBay is an excellent place to shop for plants. I've bought lots of lavender and rose plants from eBay and have been nothing but impressed with the quality of the them!

Useful sites:


List of flowers shown above:

1. Hydrangea Macrophylla 'Teller White'
2. Rosa 'Madame Hardy'
3. Siberian Bugloss
4. Shirley Temple Peony
5. Japanese Anemone
6. Mahonia Aquifolium 'Apollo'
7. Miss Katherine Lavender
8. Peony

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