Wednesday, August 22

Gardening | Designing a Raised Boarder

1. Mahonia aquifolium 'apollo'
2. Siberian bugloss
3. 'Shirley Temple' Peony
4. Japanese Anemone
5. Miss Katherine Lavender
6. 'Sarah Bernhardt' Peony
7. Hydrangea
8. White Rose

As part of our extension and home renovations, Ben has started landscaping the garden. As it's summer, we are desperate to make the most of this beautiful weather. And what better way to do it than in a perfectly designed garden? 

In the past, we have hastily planted our favourite plants in boarders, without thinking too much of the implications. Whoever thinks gardening is an easy concept, let me say now, it's not. We've honestly learnt the hard way. From not putting down the correct weed defender down, spending hours pulling out unwanted weeds, to having plants that over dominate one another. 

Thus, with our new limestone flagged patio area outside of the back of kitchen, we thought it would make the garden feel more contemporary and organised if we were to build raised beds around. Not only would this create an enclosed, dining space, separate from the grass; but it would also be a superb place for bees to ponder and it would also look aesthetically pleasing from the kitchen/diner. 

So I have created a birds-eye layout of the garden boarders, numbering the plants I want to put where. I have carefully researched the various plants as to where they are most suitable. For example, we have a mainly shaded area which obviously needs plants that can thrive in that environment. Additionally, I have thought carefully about the maximum expansion each of the plants can obtain to avoid the plants overpowering one another. And finally I have gone for a colour theme: pastel pinks and purples, crystal whites and a pop of yellow. 

So all we need to do for now is get on building the raised bed that the plants will be put into! I will be sure to post the finished pictures once this is completed.

*all sketches are by myself

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