Monday, July 9

Weekend Musings

It honestly seems as though this amazing weather is never going to stop. Or at least that what us Brits are all hoping. It's so typical of us to complain of the weather when it is too cold/windy/rainy, but as soon as the sun shines and the temperature thermometer displays anything above 25 degrees celsius; we literally don't know what to do with ourselves. But in true British style, this weekend me and Ben truly made the most of it. 
On Friday we went to the beach with my brother, his girlfriend Daniela and her brother, Floren. All leaving work early, we put Harry in the boot, grabbed a football and our sunglasses; and we were off. Ben and I splashed around in the shockingly-warm sea, something which Harry thoroughly enjoyed as he barked continuously in excitement. Then there was an intense game of football, I naturally thought it was important that as a pregnant bird, I should sit out, spectate and take photos. Our stomachs started to rumble and so we packed up our belongings and made our way back to the cars. Feeling rather hungry after all the excitement of the football game, we headed into town to purchase good old fish and chips. 

Saturday was another typically British summer day. My best friend, and bridesmaid, Fozia had planned a birthday BBQ for her husband Iain. Along with the fact that England were playing Sweden at 3pm, we couldn't wait for the gathering. As Iain is an avid gin-lover, we thought it was only appropriate to buy him a 'Sloe Gin Making Kit' from Not On The Highstreet. The weather was scorching, the BBQ was on and the atmosphere was buzzing. After witnessing England being victorious in the match, in true patriotic style everybody danced around the living room singing 'Three Lions'. Before we knew it, it was time to say our goodbyes and venture off to another BBQ. Ben's parents had arranged for us to go over to have a BBQ with them for tea and so we obviously couldn't say no to BBQ food in this weather! We chatted late into the night, drinking cups of tea and enjoying a delicious lemon and vanilla tart. 

Sunday was a very relaxed day indeed. After all of the socialising and meat-eating, we decided to keep it low-key. Waking up early, due to Baby Moen kicking away, I opened the bi-folds and windows in anticipation of another scorcher of a day. In true Sunday style, I left Ben to sleep in bed whilst I cooked up my weekly batch of pancakes. Afterwards, Ben spent the rest of the day working on the reclaimed flooring throughout the downstairs of the house. I tended to the front garden and then plugged ahead with my Master's dissertation in the garden. With only two weeks left at work before the summer break, I am feeling very excited for the things to come this week. 

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