Saturday, July 7

Gender Reveal

An unforgettable day spent with incredible people.

Two weeks ago Ben and I hosted our gender reveal party at my dad's house. Oh my, what a beautiful day that was! We had a close circle of family and friends who came to the BBQ and to see whether we are expecting a little boy or girl. I had been rather thrifty with the planning of this party as I had seen a lot of gorgeous decorations on Not on the Highstreet but decided I didn't want to pay through-the-nose for a single day's decorations. So, a few weeks earlier I tootled off to a local Hobbycraft and purchased all of the crafty things I needed in order to decorate the garden. Thankfully, I had the help of my very good friend, Rebecca, who assisted in putting up the decorations - as well as baking with me until 12am the previous night! 

The party started at 12noon and guests started to trickle in with various gifts for our baby. We had the massive balloon hidden away in the front room (a room my family call the 'Blue Room' which has two beautiful blue sofas - we are very creative with our names).  In the dining room there were the aptly decorated lemon drizzle cupcakes, gingerbreads, strawberry cheesecake, orange drizzle cake and an assortment of homemade coleslaws/potato salads. In the dining room there was a 'Cast Your Vote' chalkboard for people to state whether they thought Baby Moen would be a girl or a boy. I have to say, the girl vote won, but only slightly in the lead. Ben and I, even though we are not bothered at all what the gender is as long as the baby is healthy, both of us voted for girl. It's so strange because we both started out in this pregnancy adamantly thinking it would be a boy. However, over a series of nights I had dreams of our little bundle and it was a girl. Then when we saw the 12 week scan and heard the heart rate at my 16 week appointment, we were convinced it was a girl. 

So on rolled 2:30pm, when we decided the wait was over and we brought out the mammoth balloon. If you aren't already following me on Instagram, the video of the popping it on there. And as you can see from the image above, we are having a little girl! We couldn't be happier to finally know the gender and I have to be honest with you here, I have already done a massive haul at John Lewis for our future daughter. She is going to be one well-dressed baby. 

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