Wednesday, July 11

Kate's Kitchen | Pear Pie

After recently devouring a delicious lemon and vanilla tart at Ben's parents house, I was inspired to create my own pie earlier in the week. Pear is a fruit that I literally used to be obsessed with - for some bizarre reason! So I thought it would only be right if I rekindled my love for the voluptuous fruit by baking a pie for Ben and I to enjoy throughout the week. 

Monday, July 9

Weekend Musings

It honestly seems as though this amazing weather is never going to stop. Or at least that what us Brits are all hoping. It's so typical of us to complain of the weather when it is too cold/windy/rainy, but as soon as the sun shines and the temperature thermometer displays anything above 25 degrees celsius; we literally don't know what to do with ourselves. But in true British style, this weekend me and Ben truly made the most of it. 

Saturday, July 7

Gender Reveal

An unforgettable day spent with incredible people.