Monday, May 7

A New Chapter

Over the past 2+ months, Ben and I have been overjoyed at the fact that our little family of three (including our pooch Harry) is expanding to a family of four with the arrival of our little Baby Moen in November this year. As of this moment, on a beautiful Bank Holiday Monday, I am 15 weeks pregnant and loving every minute of the second trimester. As some of my favourite vloggers have expressed in their pregnancy videos, the first trimester really is the most difficult (so far!). From sickness that continues throughout the day (trust me, it wasn't only in the morning) to food aversions meaning I literally couldn't eat anything apart from some toast or an apple. The dawning of the second trimester has meant that I have more energy, can enjoy my food again and haven't *fingers crossed* experienced any sickness. 
So... where it all began:

It was a drizzly Saturday on the 3rd March, the previous two weeks I had experienced extreme tiredness and just didn't feel myself. I can't explain it, I just felt off. So, I watched a video on YouTube of Catherine Paiz from 'The ACE Family' as she was talking about how she didn't feel herself and so bought a pregnancy test. I could sympathise totally with what she was saying and so questioned whether my tiredness and strange intuition was trying to tell me something. Off I went to the local supermarket and bought a pack of two, £3.50 pregnancy tests and quickly ran back up the stairs when I arrived home to frantically find out why I wasn't feeling myself. Ben, bless him, was busy working away on the extension, in our master bedroom - to be exact. I remember because I didn't want to tell him prior to the test and get his hopes up. So I did the deed, waited literally 30 seconds as the white turned blue as the urine was being analysed and two bold lines appeared, one in the positive section, and the other in the negative. This, according to the instructions meant that I was in fact pregnant!!!

I can't explain the feeling, apart from the fact that I was overcome with a concoction of emotions: shock, excitement, confusion and bliss. Who knew you could feel all of these at once?!

I shot out of the bathroom, past Ben who was, like I say, busy working and speedily made it down the stairs. I shouted up to Ben, saying that I needed him to come downstairs - now. He came downstairs and met me in the kitchen. With the pregnancy test behind my back, I blurted out, 

"I'm pregnant."

Ben, just as shocked and excited as myself, looked at the test and wrapped me up in a cuddle. Later that day, I ventured back to the local and bought a two pack of Clear Blue pregnancy tests. I knew that the previous test was 99% accurate, but I wanted to see how many weeks pregnant I was. Again, did the deed and the test read: Pregnant: 3+ Weeks. This, dating back to my last period, meant that I was 5 weeks pregnant. 


Since that incredible day, I have had my first antenatal appointment with my lovely midwife, had my bloods taken and I have also had my first, 12 week Dating Scan. The Dating Scan was on Thursday 19th April and I was literally counting down the days to finally see our little bundle of love. The picture on the screen was absolutely incredible, words cannot describe the emotions that we had seeing Baby Moen wriggling, kicking and hiccuping. 

Now that I've had the dating scan, I have a plethora of appointments, scans and blood tests to come throughout the remaining 6 months. 

The due date is officially Thursday 1st November 2018. 

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