Wednesday, January 24

Thinking Positively | Resolutions

The celebration of New Years seems like a distant memory, time has flown by with everybody going back to work and crashing back down to normality. Over the Christmas period, Ben and I were talking about how truly fantastic it was to be off work together, spending quality time at home. Both of us seemed to calm down as soon as we stepped into the house after finishing work on the 22nd December. Further into the Christmas period, we were talking about how it would be great to always be this chilled and relaxed. I know that I myself, when I'm teaching, have so many jobs to do each night after a day where all of my patience and selflessness has been drained. I am sure that I am not alone in thinking of how great it would be to have more spare time, more time to think, enjoy life and slow down from the fast-paced world we live in. There are multiple articles stating that juggling the work-life balance perfectly on an equilibrium is something that many 25-35 year olds struggle with. So, this begged the question for me and Ben, how can we take ownership of our lives, our free time and make time for the things we enjoy?

So, we both made a New Years resolution to be more content. Content with how hard we've worked, content with the progress our home has made over the past two years and content with life in general. Content for me means to reflect, pick out the positives and be proud of it. Time seems to go by ever so quickly and so, instead of looking ahead into the future to the next holiday, or item of clothing you are going to buy, think of the present.

What are you grateful for? What are your accomplishments? Who is there for you through thick and thin? 

Being content covers every aspect of our lives, even down to our personal perceptions of body image. Be content with who you are, because you have so much to be grateful for... yes there are things in life which hurt you, make you sad, challenge your values. But no matter what, remain proud of who you are in the present. Be content with yourself. You are amazing.

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