Saturday, January 13

Interior Series | Kitchen


For the past 2 years, ever since Ben and I moved into our home, we had been restlessly waiting for the right time to renovate and extend our home. The room that we wanted to work on the most was the kitchen. In our previous home, we had a modern, but basic kitchen. Nevertheless, it served its purpose and was easy to navigate round, meaning I was able to cook and bake with ease. This was not the case with our home that we are in now...

Yes, it had space to work on and a fully functioning kitchen sink. But the oven was outdated and didn't work. Plus, it stunk of grease. So, in May 2017 we finally started our kitchen extension - I will be publishing a post on this process very soon. 

* * *

8 months on and the kitchen is nearly complete. The only things left for it now are kitchen accessories that will make it feel more homely and give it the personality it deserves. So, through browsing Pinterest and all of my favourite interior design websites, I have made a mood board for what I will be hopefully furnishing my kitchen/diner with. 

Stay tuned...

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