Tuesday, June 20

The Weekend in IV

{June 16th - June 18th}

Friday 16th June

It was a quick turn-around on Friday evening as me, Ben, Mike & Dad went to a local restaurant to meet up with family members who we hadn’t seen in a while. It was a night full of laughter, fun and yummy food. We spent most of the time asking each other to repeat what we had said because the restaurant echoed everything we said; letting our voices escape into the myriad of other conversations. The evening went by all too fast and before we knew it, it was time to head home and get some rest for a busy following day ahead.


Saturday 17th June

The liberating feeling you get on a Saturday morning, when you realise you don’t have work, you have slept over your usual get-up time by 2 hours and the realisation that you don’t even have work the next day. Knowing gleefully that you have all this joy to come around again. As both Ben and I were particularly tired after a busy week, we had a very lazy morning spent watching home renovation shows.

The sunshine was beaming through the windows, reminding us of the birthday BBQ we were attending in the afternoon for Ben’s uncle. So we grabbed a present for him from our local crafts shop and headed on over for an afternoon in the sun. We stayed sat outside until the sunset and the moon rose, the fire pit was roaring and our G&Ts were cold.


Sunday 18th June

As the sun rose from the depths of the peak district, the coffee machine sprung into action to wake our weary eyes.

We decided to make the most of the glorious weather, so Ben continued to dig out the foundations for our kitchen-diner extension; whilst I did some gardening. There is something so therapeutic about gardening, I feel so relaxed and calm amongst the beauty of nature. I had been growing lavender plants in separate pots so that they became more established before planting them in the corner border of the garden.

I have an upcoming blog post on how to get started with gardening, which I do hope you enjoy. I used to find the thought of gardening daunting, and the bugs that lurked amongst the greenery more daunting. I never fail to let out an almighty shriek whenever any type of mini-beast lands on me!

I do hope that your week has started off well J

Kate xo

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