Monday, June 12

The Weekend in IV

{June 9th - June 11th}

It's been a pretty eventful weekend...

Friday 9th June.

Ben and I kicked off the weekend in true style, as I have been off work this week, yet still managing to spend most of my time sleeping doing assignment writing for my Masters; we spontaneously decided to venture to the beach to take in the sunset on Friday evening. We packed all of the camera gear in the back of the car, took some loose change for a coffee and seat belted Harry in for a short drive to the coast. It was so refreshing to take in the fresh air with the windows down and listen to our favourite music while we caught up on what we'd been up to that day. 

Once we arrived at the beach we climbed up the tallest sand dune, Harry was even lagging behind! He can be such a lazy dog sometimes. But once we got to the top he took great delight in running down, letting the forces of gravity glide him down the sand. There is something so relaxing about the beach, just sitting and taking in the force of the wind, watching the waves effortlessly sweep onto the wet sand while people frolic in the delight of the cool water. 


Saturday 10th June.

Saturday rolled round after a wonderful night by the sea and I helped my brother set up his very own blog. My dad had also just come back from his two week holiday in Menorca and so we had loads to catch up on. 1 espresso just wouldn't cut it. Later in the day Ben and I had a big tidy up of the house before going to his uncle's for a delicious 3 course dinner and plentiful amounts of red wine. 


Sunday 11th June.

As our extension is well and truly underway, we spent most of Sunday doing work on the house; with Ben digging out the footings for the foundations. I made a homemade moussaka for him to indulge in after a rather eventful and physically demanding day. 

I am back at work this week after a two week break (which has been divine). I'm looking forward to the weekend as it's a birthday BBQ party, let's hope the weather is good!

Kate xo

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