Friday, June 9

Madrid Photo Diary

Madrid es una ciudad de pura belleza.

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend, myself, Fozia, Karen & Lucy went to Madrid for an amazing city break. We had the weekend away planned since January and I literally was counting down the days until I had warm, Spanish sunshine on my skin. 
Embarking to Manchester Airport on Saturday 27th May, we were all ready for the imminent sunshine, wearing light clothing and sandals to get into the summer spirit. It’s always typical that when you go on holiday, British weather suddenly seems to improve and you almost feel begrudged to leave such amazing weather behind. (Thankfully when we returned from Madrid the sunshine continued to flood the British countryside which helped me overcome my post-holiday blues). 

After what can only be labelled as a palaver in Manchester Airport, we finally checked in at the correct terminal (after spending up to almost an hour trying at Terminal 1, only to be told that we should be in Terminal 3. In addition to this, our QR online check-in codes were way to big and thus we had to frantically find a computer and printer. Something which I did not realise you could do once at the airport. 

This stress, along with train cancellations at Piccadilly station left us feeling thirsty for prosecco water once we had passed security. Karen thankfully had an airport lounge card which meant that we were able to fill ourselves with food and hydrate our bodies before the short flight. 


Day 1:

We rolled out of bed, moisturised and sun-creamed before exploring the breathtaking city. We wondering down minuscule Spanish streets, coming across some gems, both me and Fozia bought matching chokers from a jewellers. We also had a wander through the famous market, El Rastro, where we came across some gorgeous linen clothes and quirky sunglasses. 

Around 3:30pm we headed back to our hotel, which was located in the idyllic area of Sol, as Lucy was arriving from London Heathrow Airport. We had a relax, or shall I say: a siesta, before getting ready for going out for a sangria and watch the world go by. 


Day 2: 

After a late night due to discovering a salsa, Cuban bar: Negra Tomassi, we set off to Gran Via, where myself and Fozia spent far-too-long-but-completely-necessary time in Zara whilst Lucy and Karen grabbed some breakfast and had a catch-up. If you ever go to Madrid, you must go into Zara as it is literally on every block (slight exaggeration). Fozia and myself treated it as though it was a museum as it did originate in Spain (*fun fact*). 

After buying an outfit each, we then had a quick change back at the hotel before pottering down Carrera de san Jeronimo in pursuit of Museo del Prado. Wow. Just wow. What a fantastic experience we had in their, soaking up all of the history and religious symbolism of the gothic paintings of Christ and the apostles. This is a definite must-see if you are in Madrid, and an extra plus is if you are a student between 18 - 25 you get in for free. For a standard adult ticket it is 15 euros. 

We continued to wander around Madrid, replenishing ourselves with an ice cream and cooling ourselves in the local churches before again having a siesta back at the hotel before a delicious paella at Las Brasas de Vulcano. We also had a class of Rioja on a roof-top bar which was pure bliss as we overlooked Madrid’s bustling streets and catching up as a four on what we had done that day. 

Then we danced way into the night back at the Cuban salsa bar, Negro Tomassi. 


Day 3:

On our final day we woke up bright and early to pack our bags and enjoy a breakfast in Plaza Mayor before visiting Palace Real. The artistry in this palace is phenomenal, it truly is spectacular. Countless hours and effort went into perfecting each and every crevice of each room. What was particularly inspiring was the work of Carlos III and how highly he continues to be regarded by the Spanish people today. 

Once our tummies started rumbling, we went to a Vegan cafe, Viva Burger, and we had an amazing lunch which actually filled me until 3pm the following day!


I cannot wait to take Ben to Madrid very soon and further explore the beautiful capital. 


Kate xo

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