Friday, June 23

Interior Edit | Bathroom Redesign



Since moving into our home back in November 2015, we have been slowly making changes, as well as applying (& successfully being granted) planning permission for a kitchen-diner extension, as well as a double-story extension on the side. All along our time in our Victorian semi-detached property, we have been working on completely redesigning what we currently have. From turning the living room into a homely, relaxing space to completely knocking down walls upstairs and revamping the bedrooms; we had been dreaming of a modern, yet stylish bathroom.

Although we are consistently trying to revamp the Victorian style of our home, a style which it sadly lost with its previous owners; we nevertheless want our bathrooms to be modern and elegant looking. 

Working on a budget, as well as a somewhat tight space, we spent hours discussing, sketching and measuring the bathroom whilst always having Pinterest in the forefront of our minds. Working on a budget meant that we found some gems on eBay, such as our free-standing bath, sink, power shower, shower tray, light-up mirror cabinet, glass screen and velux roof window. We went through reputable eBay sellers which were established bathroom companies, yet we saved a fortune. In the early days of our bathroom design, we were quoted by the Bath Store £800 for the shower tray and glass screen which was worlds away from what we actually spent on eBay. 

For the tiles, toilet and taps we went through Victorian Plumbing which I would highly recommend to anyone, especially the sales that they have as you will get some real bargains(!). 

Our theme in our bathroom was square, literally, even the tile ridge is square to be in-keeping with the modern, clean lined look. The local tiler and plumber we hired were absolutely amazing at what they did. My dad declared them both as artists, as the work they did was perfect, with them both making sure that everything was symmetrical and neat. 

The bathroom feels so so different to what it used to be, along with the sash window which is reminiscent of the Victorian vibe throughout the house. 

The only downside to renovating the bathroom, as I am sure that anyone with only one bathroom will be aware of, is that we were without a functioning bathroom for around 5 weeks. This meant that we moved into B's older brother's house and then my dad's house. However, it was all completely worth it and I couldn't be happier. 

There is really nothing better than sitting in the free-standing bath after a long day of work whilst looking up through the velux.

Kate xo

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