Friday, June 16

The Course of Love

On a lazy Sunday afternoon wandering through Manchester, I browsed through my all-time favourite shop; Waterstones. I just love the feeling of this place (especially the Deansgate store) as people from all different walks of life pick up a book in the hope of escaping to an alternate reality. 

The Course of Love caught my eye with its unique front-cover and the blurb giving a brief insight into the book. I am usually (as you will come to realise) a lover of crime-fiction books and therefore I surprised myself by venturing into a different fictional world: romanticism. 

The story follows the love life of Rabih, an architect who lives in Scotland. The various chapters in the book divulge in the differing stages of love, from mere crushes to the depths of marriage and having children. The book is wrote beautifully, almost poetically by Alain de Botton, who has wrote a series of novels on a variety of topics. Throughout the book there are snippets of italic writing which is wrote from an outside perspective, a rational perspective, almost like a dove's bird-eye view of what is happening below. These sections are an integral thread to the novel, as the reader is almost forced to rationalise the differing stages of love's course. 

In addition to this, Alain expertly writes, flitting from one topic to another, making the leaps between spaces in time seem to effortless. At no point in this book did I feel as though it was loosing its pace, I constantly felt hooked. At some points I empathised with Rabih, and even shared sections of the text with my friends. This book really has enlightened conversations and my own personal thoughts on love, and I am ever so grateful that I happened to come across it on my lazy Sunday in Manchester. 

Kate xo

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