Friday, June 2

Blogging With A Purpose

{A photo which brings back many happy memories of wandering through Sorrento's hidden streets with B after our visit to Capri}
As you may (or may not) be aware, I have been blogging for 5 years and I have to say, over the years I have learned a great deal. I remember back to the days when I would simply blog for the sake of it and post up to absolutely anything. When I think back to those early days, I can sympathise with my amateur-self, understanding that I was simply experimenting and finding my feet in an ever-growing blogosphere. 

However, when I decided to make a return to blogging, I was put off by the thought of blogging about the typical things I used to write about. Don't get me wrong, I am absolutely all for people who blog about beauty or fashion with a passion (no pun intended). But I feel as though I have evolved immensely since 2012 and I intend for my blog to also evolve meaningfully with me. 

I still have a love for dressing in nice clothes, experimenting with my hair and make-up; however I just don't think it would be a true reflection of me to write endlessly about those things. I don't want to blog simply for the sake of it, trying to unauthentically appeal to people. I think that over the years, from reading numerous blog posts and browsing Bloglovin' for up-and-coming blogs, I feel that it is obvious when somebody is blogging with a purpose or if they're just blogging to keep up appearances. 


Thus, after babbling (something which I have grown to enjoy doing I may add with that), is that I want my blog to cover five main loves of mine:

Photography (In all it's shapes and sizes)
Cooking (I mean, who doesn't love food?)
Gardening (Yes, I am now a green thumb and proud of it)
Reading (A monthly Book Club will start where I review a current read)
Interior design (As I & Ben renovate our Victorian home)

In addition to the large variety of content I intend to meaningfully and passionately write about, I also want to turn my hand to vlogging - this is something that I am extremely excited for and have already got two ancient videos in my YouTube archive

If you managed to stay with me through my chatty post, thank you for your support :)

Kate xo

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