Monday, May 22

The Weekend in IV

{May 19th - May 21st}

Friday night is the time to sit back and grab a G&T whilst soaking up the setting sunbeams. This weekend has been extremely busy, apart from sipping on iced G&T with Ben, I have spent hours (and I mean hours) in the hairdresser's getting my hair coloured. However I can't complain as it's always lovely to sit for countless hours having mugs of tea made for you whilst you catch up on the latest novel. After enjoying an all-time favourite: the conditioning head massage, I ventured out into the windy streets of the village, trying to tame my newly fluffed-up golden locks. 

Saturday night was an awesome night, laughing and talking with friends until the early hours; we devoured delicious food made by my bestie and planned our up-and-coming girls' city break. (All will be revealed in a week's time -- eeeeek!).


Standard Sunday tradition followed a late night, where I made homemade pancakes for Ben and myself, along with a cappuccino. There is literally nothing better than a lazy morning doing some baking and listening to a Spotify Sunday playlist in a snuggly dressing gown. I know I may sound as though I spoil my dog, and I think there is a very high possibility that I do - but I also make sure that Harry has 2 soft boiled eggs every Sunday mashed up with butter. 

After being adequately fuelled for the day ahead, we got ourselves spick-and-span (so to speak) and I took Harry for a walk in the wilderness with my friend from work and her dog, Poppy. Last time I took Harry for a walk with my friend J from work, Harry ended up running ahead and we lost him for what felt like an eternity.

Anyway, here we are, Monday morning, a morning after a probably-too-big roast dinner and back at work. However I am so excited for this weekend coming up, when me and my friends go away ... stay tuned :)

Kate xo

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