Wednesday, May 17


A while ago I attended a conference on self-awareness, an idea which I have toyed with and briefly considered throughout my early career, yet I never actually reflected on it with regards to myself. Self-awareness is such a vital part to my life, both at work and with family/friends and I feel that through mindfulness I have been more able to focus on the moment and celebrate what is currently making me happy.
So, the main question is, what is self-awareness?
Self-awareness is the ability of an individual to reflect on their strengths and weaknesses. As humans, we have the responsibility to respond to how we are working and how this can be improved. It is important to be self-aware in order to develop yourself in any aspect of your life, work, social, personal. 

In a fast-paced world filled with deadlines, targets and the judgements of others; it is vital to take a step back from this all and reflect on yourself. To be a effective blogger, student, doctor, graphic designer (etc. - the list could go on); you need to be able to take a look inwards at what you are doing right and what could be improved to make yourself even better. 

However there is a fine line between being self-aware and overly critical, with the distinction between the two being that self-awareness is where the positives are highly celebrated and focused on. Whereas when you are being critical of yourself, you are focusing on the negatives. I therefore aim to keep this self-awareness in mind in whatever I do, being able to stay positive and celebrating the little things. 

So maybe a new thing that you could start doing, as I have, is to everyday write a list of three things that went well. By doing this, I will be reflecting on what I have done and how I want to continue doing this to further better myself and impact on others around me. 

Something that you may be interesting in watching is this short video on self-awareness which focuses on the 'Ladder of Inference'. This video discusses the importance of being self-aware and knowing what has influenced the way you are thinking and acting. To know this, you will then be able to be much more mindful of how to react to situations. TED videos are fascinating and have thousands of inspirational videos!

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