Sunday, May 14

Like, Realising Stuff

2016 ... what a year.

It's been what feels like an eternity of not blogging. There have been times where I have considered re-entering the blogosphere and rebooting my long lost love for photography. I am ashamed to say that my Nikon DSLR even collected a considerable amount of dust during my time of not blogging. Thankfully, I have buckled up the courage to dust off my Nikon, recharge my battery and re-energise my shutterbug hobby. 

Without going into too much detail, and writing far too much which I am sure would be tiresome to read, I have been through a lot in 2016. With starting a new job, embarking on a Masters and loosing my mother to lung cancer. 2016 was an extremely emotional year, it was what I consider to be a turning point in my short-lived, 23 year life. I have learned a lot from my heartbreak, anguish and difficulties. I have learned that I need to just be me. And when I boiled it down to what truly makes me happy, I realised as though my new job had stolen my thirst for photography and writing. However I continued to pursue the new job thinking that through not blogging I would be okay, as though I could live without enjoying doing something I love; something I started back in University. Yet, when my mum was diagnosed with lung cancer, my life seemed to flip, I started to feel as though I'd been living to work and not working to live. I realised that I needed to spend more time with my family, friends and investing in memories. 

Blogging for me is my creative outlet, it's my passion. When I say I felt as though something was missing, I almost had a feeling as though I had lost a piece of myself. I typed in my URL and through clicking through the links to previous blog posts, I remembered what it was like to be carefree, to live life in the moment and to put me first. So, after many moments of thought, I have finally decided to do what is right for me, to blog. 

I am so excited for what is ahead and I intend for my blog to be a raw and honest diary of my perspective on life. I want to start vlogging, as well as documenting my journey as I and my fiancĂ© renovate our Victorian home. I want to share my favourite and original recipes. I want to photograph wildlife. I want to do what I want, and for me that is blogging.

I can't wait to share my journey with you, and for those of you who I have lost touch with over the past year, it's a happy hello and welcome to my life. So, let 2017 be a year of continuing to like, realising stuff. 

Kate xo

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