Sunday, August 6

Travel Check In

The holiday to beat all holidays...

Monday, June 26

Madrid Visual Diary | Video

At long, long last I have edited, uploaded and am now sharing my Madrid Visual Diary with you lovely people. This was filmed nearly a month ago (oh how time flies!). I hope that you enjoy it just as much as I did when I was filming it.

Friday, June 23

Interior Edit | Bathroom Redesign



Since moving into our home back in November 2015, we have been slowly making changes, as well as applying (& successfully being granted) planning permission for a kitchen-diner extension, as well as a double-story extension on the side. All along our time in our Victorian semi-detached property, we have been working on completely redesigning what we currently have. From turning the living room into a homely, relaxing space to completely knocking down walls upstairs and revamping the bedrooms; we had been dreaming of a modern, yet stylish bathroom.

Tuesday, June 20

The Weekend in IV

{June 16th - June 18th}

Friday, June 16

The Course of Love

On a lazy Sunday afternoon wandering through Manchester, I browsed through my all-time favourite shop; Waterstones. I just love the feeling of this place (especially the Deansgate store) as people from all different walks of life pick up a book in the hope of escaping to an alternate reality. 

Monday, June 12

The Weekend in IV

{June 9th - June 11th}

It's been a pretty eventful weekend...

Friday, June 9

Madrid Photo Diary

Madrid es una ciudad de pura belleza.

Over the Bank Holiday Weekend, myself, Fozia, Karen & Lucy went to Madrid for an amazing city break. We had the weekend away planned since January and I literally was counting down the days until I had warm, Spanish sunshine on my skin. 

Tuesday, June 6

The Weekend in Thoughts

Waking up on Sunday morning to discover the news that there has been yet another attack on British soil. Innocent people enjoying a night out with friends, family and loved ones; mingling in the warm air of the city. Only to then find themselves being targeted and their lives put in danger by 3 assailants. My thoughts and prayers go out to these people, along with those who were killed and injured in the Manchester attack only 2 weeks ago. The courage and strength of the police, paramedics and others who helped those at the scene are truly remarkable.

Friday, June 2

Blogging With A Purpose

{A photo which brings back many happy memories of wandering through Sorrento's hidden streets with B after our visit to Capri}

Monday, May 22

The Weekend in IV

{May 19th - May 21st}

Wednesday, May 17


A while ago I attended a conference on self-awareness, an idea which I have toyed with and briefly considered throughout my early career, yet I never actually reflected on it with regards to myself. Self-awareness is such a vital part to my life, both at work and with family/friends and I feel that through mindfulness I have been more able to focus on the moment and celebrate what is currently making me happy.

Sunday, May 14

Like, Realising Stuff

2016 ... what a year.