Friday, March 18

The Girl on the Train

Ever since the publication of Gone Girl a few years ago, I have developed an obsession with murder mystery books. I love the thrill of a good read, where I am left wondering what twist the story may take next. During my time at university I commuted every day on the train into Manchester. So, when I discovered the book titled The Girl on the Train, I felt it was only right that I read it. In some ways I could understand the main character, Rachel's daily routine. Always going the same route on the train, past the same houses, the same people always getting on the train.

Paula Hawkins' debut novel is absolutely fantastic. The structure of the chapters keeps you thirsty for more information. There are three female characters which have chapters from their points of views, Rachel, Jess and Anna. This gives the story an interesting dynamic, as the reader is able to see into the thoughts of these characters prior and after the incident of Jess disappearing.

A whole range of emotions are experienced throughout the reading of this novel, fear, anticipation, empathy and anger. Paula Hawkins has wrote this story beautifully, I really felt a connection with Rachel. Ever since reading it I have regularly thought back to its gripping plot. I would definitely read this again.  


  1. Lovely post dear! Have a great weekend! xx

    1. Thank you, I would highly recommend this book. It's a brilliant read!
      Hope you had a fabulous weekend.


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