Monday, March 21

Sorrento, Italy / Part III

After celebrating the night away as we were newly engaged, we woke up gleaming with happiness and skipped to breakfast. The breakfast at our hotel was unbelievable. The panoramic views of Sorrento all the round to Vesuvius were staggering. And as for the food, oh my goodness me! The food was equally unbelievable. The hotel served a continental breakfast with a banquet offering everything you could imagine, from cereal, pastries, hams, cheese all the way to a chef who cooked you fresh eggs whichever way you liked them. Ben religiously every morning opted for an omelette, whilst I asked for fried egg. 

After our breakfast we headed towards the train station, stopping at the local bakery for a sandwich to take with us for our lunch in Pompeii. Like the previous day, we had already purchased our tickets for the Pompeii ruins at the train station in Sorrento. This meant that when we got into Pompeii train station, we were greeted by a tour guide who took a group of us around the Pompeii ruins. This was such a wonderful experience, we learnt so much about the history of Pompeii and the volcanic eruption of Vesuvius. Walking around the town, it felt surreal, there were so many similarities with this ancient town and modern day towns. One of these similarities being that there were numerous fast food restaurants, the Roman equivalent to a McDonalds!!

The tour guide lasted around 3 to 4 hours and by this point our breakfast had been digested and our stomachs were relentlessly rumbling for our bakery sandwiches. So we found a quiet bench and people watched whilst devouring our sandwiches. 

And of course, once we landed back in Sorrento, we had to get a lemon sorbet!


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