Monday, March 7

Sorrento, Italy / Part I


After checking in at our gorgeous hotel in Sorrento, we quickly unpacked our bags, had a glass of iced water and then headed off to explore the sights of Sorrento. One of the places top on my priority list was the lemon orchid as I was eager to try the famous Limoncello liquor. This garden was mesmirising, it felt like a scene out of The Godfather, a place where I felt as though I could escape to for hours on end. After trying a the local liquor, we wandered back into the Italian streets, loosing ourselves in the winding roads and quaint antique shops.

Not before long, our stomachs started to rumble and so we stopped for a homemade pizza and a cool drink. We people watched in the glorious warmth of the sun and decided what we were going to be doing in the following days.


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