Friday, March 11

Beauty Review / L'Oreal Sleek It

Recently on my shopping trip into Liverpool with Charlotte, I came across a new haircare range from L'Oréal in Boots. There was an array of yellow and black products standing proudly in the store. I couldn't resist the promotional offer of 1/3 off (oh I do love a good offer) and so I bought this beauty bargain and saviour.

To be honest with you, I am an Aussie haircare girl and just love their products. However, seeming as I was out of smoothing cream, I thought it'd be interesting to try out other products on the market. And I have to say, this Ultra Smoothing Cream is fabulous. I love how it smells and how easy it is to apply to my hair after a shower. This cream leaves my hair feeling soft and silky, whilst also protecting it from any damage with its 230*C Heat Protection formula. I will definitely be looking into getting more products from this haircare line.


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