Monday, April 4

Why Did I Start Blogging in the First Place?

Way back when I was in first year at University, me and my friend were discussing our favourite blogs, my favourite being Cupcakes and Cashmere and hers was The Londoner. It was so refreshing to be able to discuss with someone else the whole blogging world as many people were not aware of lifestyle and fashion blogs. We would spend hours discussing their travels, recipes, clothes and cosmetics. I had already started And Kate in the summer, but I felt that I wanted to blog with a friend and learn together more about the excitement of blogging. 

Thursday, March 31

March Vlog

As I love taking photographs of near enough absolutely anything, I thought I would start a new series where I document the highlights of each month, but through a video diary. It has been such a wonderful month, I have realised the importance of doing things that make you happy rather than seeing happiness as a distant goal. I have also loved spending time with both mine and Ben's family celebrating birthdays. Onwards and upwards with a new month tomorrow, lets hope April is just as fantastic :).

Expect to see a video diary on the last day of each month! 

What was the highlight of March for you?

Wednesday, March 30

Snapshot #5

Given that it's been a long Easter bank holiday weekend and I am now off work for a week on my Easter break, I have been busier than ever. Our home is undergoing serious renovations in both the living room and kitchen. In my previous Snapshot #4 article I mentioned that we were getting an AGA fitted. The electrician has done all of the electrical work, fitting lots of thick looking cables and making a lot of mess in the kitchen. However we are still without our AGA as we need to fit the slate that the AGA will sit on before it gets connected to the wire. That means that we have been without cooking facilities for over a week, which has left Ben and I resorting to lots of take-out meals. Pro of this being: we don't need to cook in the dust of the kitchen. Con of this being: eating far too much unhealthy food. I am really missing cooking as I find it extremely therapeutic. I have to say though, I cannot wait for the AGA to finally be fitted as then I can return to being a domestic goddess.

Friday, March 25

Spring Walk

Sometimes all you need is some fresh air in your lungs and the sun shining on your skin.
With it being Easter Bank Holiday weekend, I am planning on doing lots of walks with Ben and Harry. A few weekends ago we went on a delightful walk around the fields behind our home. We are so fortunate to have endless fields surrounding our home and so when we take Harry for a walk, we are able to let him off the lead to really run wild in the wilderness. He absolutely adores playing with his blue toy, he could be distracted for hours on end. 

I hope you all have a lovely weekend relaxing with your loved ones!

Wednesday, March 23

Snapshot #4

This past week has been a real eye-opener for me. I am increasingly learning how to develop a healthy work-life balance. Being a primary teacher, as well as working towards my qualification, is a very demanding job. Even though school finishes at 3:15, there are still 101+ things that need to be done in preparation for the next day. I am steadily learning the importance of prioritising my workload and realising that sometimes I am best being honest with people and saying 'no' rather than increasing my workload to appease others. I think the whole topic of a healthy work-life balance is really important to discuss in greater detail and I want to share more of my thoughts on this constant battle in a subsequent post. 

Monday, March 21

Sorrento, Italy / Part III

After celebrating the night away as we were newly engaged, we woke up gleaming with happiness and skipped to breakfast. The breakfast at our hotel was unbelievable. The panoramic views of Sorrento all the round to Vesuvius were staggering. And as for the food, oh my goodness me! The food was equally unbelievable. The hotel served a continental breakfast with a banquet offering everything you could imagine, from cereal, pastries, hams, cheese all the way to a chef who cooked you fresh eggs whichever way you liked them. Ben religiously every morning opted for an omelette, whilst I asked for fried egg. 

Friday, March 18

The Girl on the Train

Ever since the publication of Gone Girl a few years ago, I have developed an obsession with murder mystery books. I love the thrill of a good read, where I am left wondering what twist the story may take next. During my time at university I commuted every day on the train into Manchester. So, when I discovered the book titled The Girl on the Train, I felt it was only right that I read it. In some ways I could understand the main character, Rachel's daily routine. Always going the same route on the train, past the same houses, the same people always getting on the train.

Wednesday, March 16

Snapshot #3

Wow what a busy week it has been since my last Snapshot! As mentioned last week, March is an extremely busy month of the year with all of the birthdays. It was a special birthday for Ben's mum and so we had lots of glasses of champagne and meals out. Ben, Charlotte, Sam and I tried out a new bar in the neighbouring village and absolutely loved it! The cocktails were scrumptious and the interior design was minimal and comfortable. I think what I especially loved was the fact that they were playing music from Grease! 

Monday, March 14

Victorian Living Room / Mood Board

Since moving into our new home back in December, we have been researching Victorian interior design as our home was built in the mid-1800's. When we bought the home, the previous owner had decorated it in a mis-matched fashion, not in-keeping with the house's design and age. We have therefore since made it our mission to redecorate the whole of our home and give it the Victorian spark it once had. Pinterest has been a fantastic app to use, with lots of Victorian interior design ideas for Ben and myself to be inspired by and ponder over.

Saturday, March 12

Sorrento, Italy / Part II


On our second day in Sorrento we decided to catch the train to Pompeii station in pursuit of Mount Vesuvius. Joining the hustle and bustle of the people going to work, we hopped on the train and took in the beautiful scenery around us on our way to Pompeii. Once here, we used our tickets (which we bought at the Sorrento train station) to jump on the free and rickety bus to the Vesuvius 4x4's.

Friday, March 11

Beauty Review / L'Oreal Sleek It

Recently on my shopping trip into Liverpool with Charlotte, I came across a new haircare range from L'Oréal in Boots. There was an array of yellow and black products standing proudly in the store. I couldn't resist the promotional offer of 1/3 off (oh I do love a good offer) and so I bought this beauty bargain and saviour.

To be honest with you, I am an Aussie haircare girl and just love their products. However, seeming as I was out of smoothing cream, I thought it'd be interesting to try out other products on the market. And I have to say, this Ultra Smoothing Cream is fabulous. I love how it smells and how easy it is to apply to my hair after a shower. This cream leaves my hair feeling soft and silky, whilst also protecting it from any damage with its 230*C Heat Protection formula. I will definitely be looking into getting more products from this haircare line.

Wednesday, March 9

Snapshot #2

With the nights getting progressively lighter for longer, I have been finding myself spending more time outside, whether it's for a longer walk than usual or pottering around the garden. March is the busiest month in Ben's family, it is his birthday, his mum's and nana's birthdays. This weekend I am looking forward to spending some quality time with the family celebrating birthdays.

Monday, March 7

Sorrento, Italy / Part I


After checking in at our gorgeous hotel in Sorrento, we quickly unpacked our bags, had a glass of iced water and then headed off to explore the sights of Sorrento. One of the places top on my priority list was the lemon orchid as I was eager to try the famous Limoncello liquor. This garden was mesmirising, it felt like a scene out of The Godfather, a place where I felt as though I could escape to for hours on end. After trying a the local liquor, we wandered back into the Italian streets, loosing ourselves in the winding roads and quaint antique shops.

Wednesday, March 2

Snapshot #1

Life is a rollercoaster, enjoy the ride.

This past week I have reflected on what it is that makes me happy. For some people, happiness is the goal in which they want to attain. Whilst for others, happiness is a way of life, the driving force behind any decisions, however big or small. Happiness is something which I base my life on. If I'm not happy, then what can be changed? In a world where life is going at 100mph, it is important to stop, take a step back, and reconsider what makes you happy.

Wednesday, February 17

Rekindling an Old Love

Hello from the other side.

I have decided to make a return to my old love, my blog. For so many years I cherished this little space on the internet, I would write relentlessly for the blog. I lived and breathed all things photography. This blog was a space for me to document my journey, a personal photographic diary where I could bring my distant blogger friends with me.