Saturday, January 17

Guest Bedroom Lust List

Since moving into our new home together last year, Ben and I have progressively put our own stamp on each room and also the exterior which is a work in progress! One thing that made me super excited to get our own home together, was the thought of being able to make memories and decorate the interior to reflect our style. So far we have been busy bees decorating the living room, the entrance way and our bedroom. However as we love to have friends over, we wanted to be able to create a relaxing guest bedroom; where they can unwind and feel comfortable.

I have been excitedly browsing the internet for inspiration for our guest bedroom, and ultimately acquiring a list of must-buys in order to transform the room. The magnolia walls required a fresh lick of paint so no major DIY was required. Now all we need is the furniture to complete the room. With that in mind, I have compiled a list of what we need to complete the room.

1. Bedside table (£25)
2. Glitterati Gold Pillow (£31.42)
3. Geometric Emerald + Gold Pillow (£24.43)
4. Flower Print Duvet Set (£10)
5. Table Lamp (£25)
6. Day Bed (£180 + £80 mattress
7. Contrast Striped Rug (£59.99)

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