Friday, January 30

Creative Musings #1

To prevent me from going utterly insane with the amount of university work I have to do at the minute I have decided to start a new series under the title 'Creative Inspiration'. I know I'm a crap blogger at times due to my crazy work schedule but that is absolutely no excuse. I apologize for my infrequent blogging regime as of late; I have been desperately wanting to delve back into my blog but as I am constantly writing assignments for University I find that I am exhausted from writing - or going anywhere near my laptop for that matter. Unfortunately due to my MIA my Nikon has started to collect dust. It looks ever so sad. 

Although I have been absent from the beautiful blogging world, I have been ever so involved in drawing on inspiration from other bloggers, writers, street fashion and food. I do love trying out new recipes! Thus this new series will be posted every 2 weeks where I talk about the top five things that I've been loving as of late that has got me inspired.

1) I have just finished About A Girl the novel by Lindsey Kelk. I have been following her books ever since she first published I heart New York back in my teenage days. I am definitely without a doubt going to buy What a Girl Wants. Her style of writing is so unique and I always have a 'LOL' moment at any of her phrases such as 'bugger me backwards, Bob'.

2) Retrospective inspiration. Looking back at my blog posts is such a lovely experience, I see the ways in which I've developed over the years as well as appreciating my creative drive back in the day. My top 3 favourite And Kate blog posts are (in no particular order): DIY Tea Light Holders // Monochrome // Istanbul Photo Diary Part II

3) Taking time out of the busy day to grab a pot of tea at a café and take in the surroundings whilst you write or read up on blogs until your heart's content. However I've been recommended to try out a deliciously cute café in Manchester called Teacup as they apparently do the best loose leaf teas. This may be next place I head when I need to indulge in writing/blogging.

4) Heading into a stationary/art shop and purchasing some well needed stationary to make your work look that bit prettier ;) My favourite shop would have to be Kikki K and Paperchase.

5) Oysho clothes. If you haven't ever ventured into an Oysho store or browsed their online store I highly recommend that you do either or both! They seriously excel at making lounging clothes stylish. They have an abundance of the stores in Barcelona which I am missing so much, they really need to open a store in Manchester!!

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