Wednesday, January 14

Blogging Habits

When it comes to blogging, I truly enjoy every aspect of the process, from browsing for inspiration, to planning a blog post, taking the photographs and then compiling it all together. However what feels like the most rewarding part of blogging is the comments people leave behind to let you know that you have inspired them. Can you see where I'm going with this? The whole life cycle of blogging is constantly evolving and thus we must evolve with our blogs too.

The other day I made a spreadsheet of all the themes of And Kate which I feel are representative of my interests. Of course when I'm writing I always want the aesthetics of the blog post to be clean and fresh, with sharp images and organised, so it is pleasing to the eye. However I do think that it is so important to write honestly, whether that means sharing the good and as well as the bad.  I feel that there are too many blogs out there that don't connect with the writer behind the blog.

Sometimes blog posts can be bland and uninspiring, yet as a writer I can empathise as a writing block is really just a signal that you need some time away to rejuvenate your creativity. As you can probably tell, this is exactly what I did the past few months. As I was at the start of the final year in my degree, I thought that maybe I needed to concentrate more on my university work and thus leave the blog behind. To be honest with you I couldn't have been more wrong, I felt that I wasn't being creative anymore and I missed my blog, which I had grown up with throughout my university life. The return to blogging was a breath of fresh air and I suddenly felt part of the community again with all of your lovely responses.

Yet I do feel as though I could drastically improve And Kate, so therefore I have dedicated particular days every week where I'll be posting about all things lifestyle related. I feel like this is both necessary for structure and also to help me balance both university work and running a blog. I will make sure to do a post for you on how I will achieve this harmonious balance between my two loves.

Although there are many blogs out there and sometimes it is difficult to find your own, unique voice; I want to make And Kate a true representation of me and my passions. I hope that you will continue to follow me on this journey, as your support is what really keeps me inspired to keep progressing.

Why do you blog?

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