Monday, January 12

Barcelona Part II

After comfortably settling into our new surroundings and becoming savvy on the Metro, we continued to explore what Barcelona had to offer. What I love about visiting other countries, is that you always seem to adopt their culture and settle into their pace of life. And this is just what we did. From trying out new bakeries each morning to people watch and sip freshly grounded coffee, to strolling around the backstreets with our trusty map in hand; as well as learning some Spanish - we really did dive into the spirit of Spain. It seems that in mainland Europe, lifestyle is grounded on family and health; whereas often in the Britain, I feel that we rush around so quickly that we forget to stop and appreciate the more important things in life. That may be me just being romantic, but I do love the family atmosphere of Spain, everyone is so friendly.

So you're probably wondering what the heck we got up to throughout our mini-break. I can assure you we did a lot of shopping, going into literally ever store on Placa de Gracia. And even though I was so forgetful to not take a snap of the Michael Kors shop, I must say that this was the nicest Michael Kors shop I've been into; everyone was so friendly and attentive. Apart from the shopping we also managed to fit in going to countless museums, but unfortunately we didn't visit the Picasso Museum as I hadn't pre-booked and lets just say, the queues were jam-packed!

Also, as me and Ben are beach bums, on my 21st birthday we caught the Metro down to the beach and watched the surfers and paddle boarders ride the waves. This was such a refreshing break from the city chaos. We could have been a million miles away from a city, it was just so calm. After soothing our souls with the fresh sea air, we marched excitedly to the cable carts and enjoyed panoramic views of the city. The cable cart was like something out of a Bond movie, it was such a wonderful experience! The W hotel on the beach looked phenomenal, and next time I go to Barcelona, I will make sure to stay in that hotel.

If you're thinking of going to Barcelona for a mini-break, I would definitely recommend this beautiful city, it truly is like no other. This trip was amazing and I will cherish the memories Ben and I made together :).

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