Wednesday, January 7

Barcelona Part I

These photographs of my trip to Barcelona are well overdue, but nevertheless I wanted to share with you some of my favourite snaps from the trip. Barcelona is such a special city to me, I have visited multiple times due to my brother being an English teacher there for a year a couple of years ago. Yet this trip to Barcelona was extra special to me, as it was my 21st birthday gift from my parents. What better way to celebrate than a city break?!

One of the things that makes Barcelona a unique city is the vibrancy of the architecture. The Sagrada Familia is a breath taking church, I was told by a friend that the beauty of the interior really hits you when you enter; like a wave of emotion submerges you. They definitely weren't wrong! The colours of the sunlight passing through the stained glass windows really leaves you awe-struck. The contrast between the modern and old architecture as well is truly phenomenal. How the  stonemasons carved out the intricate details is beyond me!

When we visited Sagrada Familia we had pre-booked tickets to go up the Passion Façade towers which was an experience in itself. Once we zoomed up the glass escalator, we were left on the top with jaw dropping panoramic views of Barcelona. The landscape of Barcelona and beyond is spectacular, with mountains on one side and a glorious beach on the other, you really are accommodated all year round with skiing and surfing!

On our first few days in this wonderful city, we really got to grips with the speedy Metro (which is surprisingly easy to navigate) as well as visiting must see museums such as the Art Museum of Catalonia. We also indulged ourselves fully in the cuisine, I think we may have found the best paella restaurant ever as well!

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