Saturday, January 10

A Wander Around The Forest

The first proper week of the year is always a slog, the Christmas days of lazing around the house and stuffing yourself with homemade Christmas cake are over. Work starts again, and everyone wishes for a quiet night in after a busy day. New Year resolutions are still abided by as dozens of people pile up in leisure centres to pay their gym membership and the fruit isles in the grocery store are packed with healthy eaters. I must admit I've vowed to stay on top of my health in 2015, but have not made any life changing decisions. Yet what I think is the most important aspect of life to reflect on is savouring every moment. So this year I am aiming to enjoy the outdoors more, go on walks and visit places that I have never been before. Britain is such a beautiful country with a diverse landscape, and we often forget to open our eyes and appreciate the home grown beauty around us. 

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