Sunday, May 4

Weekly Musings

This week I came across a shocking revelation: my final week of second year at university is over. I thought I had another week left of lectures, only to find all the revision and final lectures were this week. I am relieved yet sad to be saying farewell to my second year, I guess I'm a big girl now, going into third year with a whole lot of dissertation work to be cracking on with. Anyway, apart from all my day-to-day stuff, I have still been able to appreciate non-work things despite the craziness. Hope you've had  a good week!

1. Weekly shops. Yes, you heard read me right. A bit of an odd thing to enjoy, let alone put at the top of your list, but it really feels so good to get out there into the big wide supermarket and buy all the fruit, veg and other tasty treats you've been running out of over the week. I think this week my trolly was full of nuts, my new snack and (not so secret) obsession.

2. Watching the making of Beyonce's visual album, although you may not think it could be possible, you will love her even more after watching it!

3. The Other Woman movie which is the ultimate chic flick, if you haven't already, you need to see it. I think Cameron Diaz should have her own bullet point on this week's Weekly Musings; as I think I may have a girl crush.

4. Letting my hair dry naturally, although I do love styling it with the hair dryer, I am loving the natural look at the minute.

5. Avocados. Tried them for the first time this week and me and Ben are huge fans! (They were in my trolly also).

6. When I'm not reading my favourite blogs, I source my inspiration from Pinterest. (Find my account here).

7. Bank Holiday Weekends. This weekend being one of them, with tomorrow being a full day of relaxtion and maybe a picnic at the beach with Ben and Dirty Harry.

8. Long showers, you could be anywhere in the world when you're in a hot shower. It's the perfect treat (and must have) after a long run with the girls.

9. Pink nail polish makes you feel all that more feminine.

10. Fresh bed linen; the best feeling ever to get into a fresh bed.

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