Sunday, April 27

Weekly Musings

This week has been extraordinarily inspiring and progressive for me, mainly because I have started running with my amazing friends and I'm also blessed to call them my work colleagues. Starting a new hobby and fitness workout, such as running with other people is great, as you feel energized and motivated to eat well. So for me this week I am pretty health orientated, however I can't resist including other indulgences I've been loving also.

1. Exceeding your expectations. On Saturday after work; me, Aycan and Fozia ran up an extremely steep hill and felt great afterward.

2. Fargo. A new series which me and Ben are obsessed with after finishing Breaking Bad. Goodbye Breaking Bad *sob*.

3. Tweeting and retweeting until my hearts content. I've been on twitter for a while now, @andkateblog, but I've discovered tons of amazing new twitter accounts, from interior design to fitness. I am also relishing in tweeting myself of course :-).

4. Spending hours nestled in the University library, such a lethargic and rewarding experience. You'll find me hidden in a den of philosophical books.

5. Gluten free orange and polenta, the most delicious cake ever made.

6. Amazon's cash back on Nikon products, an excellent excuse to buy a new lens!

7. Pimms, I am literally over the moon it is the season for Pimms, the perfect summer's evening drink.

8. Snuggling up with Harry, aka my blogging buddy. 

9. Strawberry scented candles make everything better.

10. Daydreaming about Sophie Hulme's accessories, especially the T-Rex key fob!

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