Sunday, April 20

Weekly Musings

This week I have been inspired by so many things, Istanbul and it's vibrant culture really inspired me to be more creative and I have tons of new and fresh blog posts with great content to follow! I also have found that by coming back home and resettling back into life with Ben and our lively little Welsh Terrier, Dirty Harry; I am appreciating the little things. So I have acculmulated 10 things which have been inspiring to me this week or have been a positive influence on my day-to-day life.

1. Quiet nights in with Ben, enjoying homemade pizza.

2. Long walks with Harry to clear those cobwebs!

3. Being organised.

4. Decorating our new home with the things we love.

5. The weekly run I have started with my 3 friends from work, burning those calories never felt so good!

6. Breaking Bad Season 5. This will blow your mind!

7. Catching up on my favourite blogs.

8. Painting my nails pastel colours.

9. Easter eggs, 'cos you know, it's Easter and all.

10. Washing my face with my favourite Bobbi Brown Cleanser.

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